Cake Flavors

Cake Flavors:

Chocolate, vanilla, red velvet, almond cream, peanut butter, lemon, coconut, strawberry, mojadito (wet almond cake), funfetti and marbled.

Buttercream flavors:

vanilla, chocolate, mocha, raspberry lemon, strawberry cream, raspberry cream cheese, peanut butter banana, chocolate salty caramel, guava, pineapple, strawberries, dulce de leche, cookies and cream. 

Paired flavors:

  • Pistachio cake with pistachio whipped cream filling.
  • Marble with cookie butter buttercream
  • Strawberry lemonade
  • Carrot cake with buttercream cream cheese filling. 
  • Red velvet cake with buttercream cream cheese filling. 
  • Raspberry cake infused with lemon zest, raspberry buttercream and lemon drizzle filling.
  • Vanilla cake with biscotti buttercream filling
  • Chocolate cake with salty caramel buttercream.
  • Chocolate cake with coconut whipped cream.
  • Chocolate cake with mocha buttercream filling. 
  • Chocolate cake with chocolate peppermint filling.  
  • Almond moist cake with almond buttercream.
  • Chocolate cake with raspberry preserves